Ruck and Roll: Pet Pooch Flies in From 7500 Miles Away

1 year ago

Centre Billy Meakes (above) is so committed to his time in Los Angeles with the Giltinis he decided to re-unite the “family” by flying his pet pooch 7500 miles from Sydney.

True story. Three-year-old blue staffie Leia now has a Venice Beach address after recently joining Meakes and girlfriend Michelle Battersby.

“I’m committed to LA for two seasons and thought it was far better to have my dog with us than apart for another long stretch,” Meakes said.

“She handled the long international flight from Australia without a problem.”

Next thing, Meakes has some explaining to do about the name.

Yes. Yes. His dog is named after Princess Leia because he’s also a devoted Star Wars fan from his childhood Lego days to the baby Yoda T-shirt you’ll see him wearing.

Meakes relished his comeback, after five weeks out with injury, when producing six strong runs for 59m and two try-saving tackles against the Utah Warriors last weekend.

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